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Sterling Silver Scape and Sod, began operations in Kissimmee, Florida, on August 6th

1987. Under the leadership of Sterling C. Blake who got the vision from his father

(GOD).The company grew from a mere idea of something great to a very ambitious and

dedicated company. Mr. Blake who is a true believer in Christ will always say this

phrase"IT IS NOT ABOUT ME, IT IS ABOUT GOD", with this belief and strong

faith in God that Mr. Blake has....... it has helped the company to achieve many goals.

As a statewide Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Sterling Silver Scape and

Sod, Inc.. has completed landscape and irrigation projects for iocal governments, as well

as major theme parks, area schools, hospitals shopping centers, commercial

developments, airports, residential developments and private parks ranging from $30,000

to over $2,500,000 throughout Florida and are expecting to expand outside of the state.

Some of our most recent projects include Columbia County 1-75 and I-10 Interchange

Landscape Upgrades, Boone High School, Space Experiments Research and Processing

Lab at Kennedy Space Center and Winter Garden Street Scape Phase III.

Sterling Silver Scape and Sod, a Florida corporation, was formed in March of 1993. The

company's mission with 100% leadership of Sterling and his father (GOD) is to perform

prestigious and award winning landscapes throughout the state and eventually the

country. The company is innovative, growth oriented and professional in its approach to

landscaping and irrigation.

We are always very pleased to be given the opportunity to present our qualifications to

prospective clients.

In the information that follows, you will receive a comprehensive profile of our


We appreciate your interest and look forward to the development of a future working

relationship with you.


Sterling C. Blake


Sterling Silver Scape & Sod, Inc.

Phone: 407-846-3225

Fax: 407/846-3207